What is a personal brand?

What words come to mind when your colleagues think of you? Are you known as an expert in your field?

Are you seen as a value-driven professional? Do people recommend you for the types of positions that you would like to hold?

…These are all reflections of your current personal brand.

Mimi ni believes that the strongest personal brands are those that are genuine and honest. Mimi ni guides young professionals to develop a personal brand rooted in three key components: your expertise, strengths, and values. 


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Follow up your personal branding sessions with a Networking Strategy session to deepen your brand as you strengthen your professional network. 



 Personal Branding


Over the course of two one-hour sessions, Mimi ni will take you through the processes of self-reflection and self-projection, to define and embody your unique personal brand.



Graduate school is a major investment in your professional career and your personal development, but packing all your major life experiences into 800 words can be daunting.

Submit your strongest applications with Mimi ni’s support.



For many, networking feels like a chore. Worse, networking can feel inauthentic, especially for professionals in value-driven careers. Yet at its best, your professional network is more than a source of job tips and recommendations. It is a community of like-minded individuals that provide a source of collaboration and support throughout your career.

Learn how to cultivate and expand your professional network with a customized strategy session that builds on your personal brand. A one-hour session will guide you through the basics of networking and help you develop techniques for growing your network.

Mimi ni recommends conducting the networking training after your Personal Branding sessions to develop a more targeted networking strategy. (Also available as a group workshop.)

Help with the JOB SEARCH


Resume Review

When recruiters flip through hundreds of resumes, how can you be sure yours gets a second glance? Mimi ni will review your resume for content and design, providing you with personalized advice on getting your resume noticed. As part of this process, Mimi ni will discuss your career objectives with you and cater feedback to your target job(s).

Cover Letter and Essay Review

When writing a cover letters, essays, or short statements of purpose, how do you convey your unique value as a professional without sounding cliche? Mimi ni will guide you through the writing process to ensure that your personal voice comes through clearly, while providing editorial services to guarantee a spotless submission.

1-on-1 Interview Preparation

Now that you have your personal brand defined, how can you project it effectively in an interview setting? And how do you answer that pesky question about weaknesses, anyway? Mimi ni offers extensive interview preparation, including personalized tools and exercises to help you answer interview questions calmly and confidently.



J. Holm

‘‘I absolutely recommend consultations with Liz to anyone looking to better define their brand, ensure that their strengths are coming through to others, and prepare for a career launch or transition.’’

M. Thompson

‘‘Not only did Liz help me cultivate my personal brand and refine my career goals, she helped re-instill in me a sense of possibility and a genuine excitement for what lies ahead.’’

Mimi ni means ‘‘I am’’ in Swahili

Mimi ni (pronounced mee mee knee) works with young professionals to develop their confidence as experts and leaders in their careers and communities. Mimi ni helps young professionals develop a personal brand rooted in their expertise, strengths, and values.